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3 min readMar 7, 2021


My thought process

I spend a lot of time thinking, and by that I mean doing nothing else. Maybe it’s a sort of meditation, maybe it’s a sort of mental illness. Either way, I’m not very good at it but most of the time I’m thinking about the market and associated ideas because it’s the thing that fascinates me most in life. It’s made me a decent amount of money over the years and I like sharing things I find useful, so I’m going to start writing down the thought processes I think might be able to help some people make money, or more accurately to make money-making systems.

I’m not good at complex shit, so I try to boil down everything I do to its most basic reasoning. For that reason, most of these thought processes aren’t directly market “alpha” as much as my mental foundation for generating it. These foundational pieces overlap and intermingle with each other, but as a whole they are my best distillation of everything that I believe makes me capable of trading successfully.

This particular “article” isn’t so much an article as it is an index of articles on these foundations that I want to share. Maybe they’ll be useful, maybe they’ll be bullshit! Probably a mixture of both. I’m writing these in my typical twitter style; kinda shitpost-y mixed with some stuff that (if I’m doing this right) might make you sit back and think. Please take the time to do so, then come tell me why I’m wrong! Twitter DMs are always open, or you can leave a response here.

I haven’t started writing most of these yet and the list is going to be pretty fluid. I’ll update it with new links and ideas for future articles when I have them. Think of this as a rough outline, no timeline, no schedule, just for whenever I come up with shit that might be worth someone’s time to read. Maybe I’ll never finish it, who knows! But anyways, without further ado…

Small Brain: What is Value?

Can’t identify, exchange or capture value without having an idea on how to judge it. Turns out you kinda don’t get to judge it either.

Small Brain: What Makes a Market?

Literally, what is a market? At the most basic level, how does it work? Also, why is money?

Small Brain: The Three Prime Assets

The relationships between time, skill, stored value and the equivalent forms of risk. We all exchange varying levels of each every day, but I’m pretty sure we’re bad at it.

Small Brain: Probability vs Risk

Probability for dummies, by a dummy. Probably inaccurate (see what I did there?)

Small Brain: Relationships (Mostly Non-Romantic)

You probably won’t get a girlfriend, but at least you’ll get the difference between correlation and causation. If you do get a girlfriend though, it’s definitely because of this article.

More to come. Probably.



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